• National Geographic

    15 Skills Every Adventurer Needs

    If you’re well prepared for adventure and can find the humor in things not going according to plan, you’ll never stop exploring. To understand just what will get you to that place, we spoke with endurance athletes, gear gurus, and elite climbers about how to physically and mentally ready yourself for your next great journey—whether it’s a multi-day trek, afternoon bike ride, or overnight camping trip.

  • Lonely Planet

    How to Prepare For a Successful Summit

    Nothing stirs a climber’s soul quite like a beautiful summit. John Muir put it best when he wrote, ‘The mountains are calling and I must go.’ But if you want to enjoy a high-altitude escape – perhaps at the very top of the world – it’ll take much more than just willpower. Planning and preparation are half the battle. So who better to consult than an expert – Ellen Miller, a high-altitude training specialist and endurance coach – before I attempted my highest climb yet, an ascent of 13,209-foot Homestake Peak in the Colorado Rockies. After reaching that summit, I started dreaming of even bigger climbs – like Mt Kilimanjaro and…

  • Travel + Leisure

    Off the Tourist Trail in Cuba

    It’s been like this for the past 56 years, you think the first time you see Havana’s Linea Street: a wide thoroughfare lined with crowded buses, construction trucks and art deco buildings cracking in various shades of sherbet. Old Chevy Bel Airs, Studebakers, and Pontiacs clatter by. The air is hot and thick with exhaust, and yet you could stand there all day, soaking in the hustle-bustle of a bygone era. But the weight of bike-gear donations on your back reminds you that you didn’t come here just to stare at a crumbling, forgotten world. Sweating in spandex, my husband and I, along with four Cuban cyclists, were bound for a rural village…

  • The New York Times

    How to Travel Car-Free With a Family

    When I moved to New York and started a car-free travel blog in 2007, I was a recovering Los Angeles transplant, keen to ditch driving and atone for my environmental sins. I hiked the Appalachian Trail off the Metro-North train, surfed via the Queens-bound A subway and biked into the Hudson Valley from the Bronx’s South County Trailway. No car? No problem! Then I became a mother, breastfeeding on buses and potty training on trains. I’ll admit I felt less like a weekend warrior and more like a pathetic peripatetic parent. However, seeing how much my son loves riding the rails and engaging with different people continues to be more rewarding than any adventure…

  • National Geographic

    Go Inside the Empowering World of All-Women’s Adventure Travel

    AFTER SUFFERING A hypoglycemic episode, my new friend Donna reaches a gushing river where the once clear path of rocks has now been submerged. “I don’t see it. I don’t see it,” she says, shaking her head, as our guide Mariana helps her across with an outstretched hiking pole. Donna forges on through the pouring rain, talking about how beautiful the turquoise lake looks on the horizon. I’m with 12 women hiking the legendary W Trek in Patagonia’s Torres del Paine National Park. We’re at the start of a 10-day off-the-grid Wild Women Expeditions trip. In more than a decade as a travel journalist, I never gave much thought to…

  • The New York Times

    A Sabbatical in the Park

    Two-thirds of all full-time employees in the United States are currently experiencing job burnout, according to a recent Gallup study. While we aren’t great at taking advantage of earned time off — a whopping 768 million vacation days go to waste every year — a survey by the American Psychological Association last year found that even a two-week getaway is merely a stopgap as work-related stress returns before our tans have faded. Yet a growing number of people are finding new ways to cultivate stability and avoid or overcome burnout….

  • Quarantine Reading

    On the Road with Me

    Top Row: MOTHER Mag: How to Make Your Next Family Trip More Sustainable Bicycling: How to Ride Safely Through Your Pregnancy Parents: How to Raise a Nature-Lover (and also be a greener parent!) Middle Row: National Geographic: Go Inside the Empowering World of All-Women’s Adventure Travel Shape: Inspiring Books by Badass Women Travel + Leisure: Off the Tourist Trail in Cuba Bottom Row: Shape: How I’m Teaching My Kids to Love Exercise National Geographic: 15 Skills Every Adventurer Needs Bicycling: 5 Lessons I Learned From Riding 500 Miles Across France

  • Thrillist

    The Best Weekend Getaways Near NYC

    Between long work days, small living quarters, and the general crippling anxiety and stress that comes with living in New York City, getting away for the weekend is completely essential. Especially when you can spend it drinking local wine, going on waterfall hikes, biking to seafood shacks, and roasting marshmallows like you’re in a campy ’80s movie. To help you accomplish just that, we’ve broken down 12 perfect weekend getaways from NYC, all accessible within five hours by public transport or car.

  • Thrillist

    The Hamptons Bucket List: 28 Things You Must Do Out East

    There’s far more to the Hamptons than just drinking rosé while lying on a giant swan-shaped pool float (though you’re absolutely welcome to do that if you so please). From a secret sculpture-dappled nature preserve to the best cocktail spots and the coolest place to spend the night (for just $35!), these are the things you absolutely must do in the Hamptons. Read the full story at thrillist.com.

  • Parents Magazine

    30 Totally Doable Ways to Be a Greener Parent

    We get it. Some days you actually feel like you’re Mother Earth and the weight of the world is on your shoulders. That’s why we came up with 30 small changes you can make that will lighten your load and your carbon footprint. From household hacks to money-saving tips to what kids should (and shouldn’t) be bringing to school, we consulted six experts—and did plenty of product-testing and soul-searching ourselves—to present you with these (totally easy!) ways to be a little bit greener as a family.