Men’s Journal Clips

Places to Visit Before They Disappear
From sinking islands to increasingly populous steppes, these twenty-five destinations should be at the top of adventurers’ priority lists.

What to Do When You’re Stuck in a Ski Town Without Snow
If you booked a ski trip and the snow hasn’t arrived, here are four ways to still have an amazing vacation.

Beer That’s Good for the Planet
The 10 craft brewers are among the greenest you’ll find. They also happen to make world-class beer.

The Best Road Bike Rides in Richmond, Virginia
The host of the 2015 World Road Race Championships is one of America’s hidden gems for riding.

The 10 Laziest Rivers in the U.S.
Our favorite spots to go floating with an ice-cold beer.

How a 10-Year-Old Survived Getting Lost in Utah’s Wilderness
An expert explains the two essential skills that kept him alive.

The 15 Best Mountain Biking Trails in Montana
From bike-packing adventures to bike parks, and perfect single-track, here are the 15 best mountain biking trails in Montana.

The Best Cities to Visit With Your Dog
Taking your dog with you on vacation is an adventure, not a handicap.

The Best Beach Houses You Can Rent Right Now
From a converted army bunker in Montauk to a treehouse in Maine, get inspired to go off the beaten beach this summer.

The 12 Best City Cycling Routes
Gear up for one of these bucket-list rides if you visit any of these great international bike towns.

The 12 Best City Running Routes
We picked the top urban runs from the most popular courses on Strava.

America’s 10 Best Urban Kayaking Adventures
Paddling through an urban downtown on a world-class wave is a surreal, jaw-tightening moments you never forget.

The Best Bike Lanes in the World
From the City by the Bay to the Land Down Under, these 10 bike lanes are safe, scenic, and inspiring more people to pedal.

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