7 Ways To Save Money On Kids’ Hiking Gear

I couldn’t wait to become an Adventure Mom, planning family camping trips and taking my kid on favorite hikes. When the moment finally arrived nearly eight years ago, and I ventured to the kids section of my local Patagonia store, I was not prepared for how overwhelming the shopping experience would be and how quickly my budget would shatter, making the dream of summits with my son feel out of reach. I recall turning heads as I held up a down sweater bunting in front of my husband and whisper-yelled, “This costs an entire paycheck! And he’ll grow out of it so fast!” Somehow, between the sales racks and friends’ closets, I found a way. Two kids and countless treks later, I’m still alarmed by the price, on many levels, we pay for our kids to play in nature.

But a new era of responsible recreation is creating more second-hand platforms and mindful solutions for finding affordable top-notch gear than ever before. It’s now trendy to support the pre-loved culture, whether we can afford full-price North Face parkas and Deuter carriers or not. Choosing used has also become a simple radical environmental act with myriad benefits—and it’s easier on the wallet.

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