In 50 Years, Will E-Bikes Have Served Their True Purpose?

In America, few modes of transit combine a childlike sense of joy with a valid fear of death quite like the bicycle. Urban bike commuters and child-hauling suburbanites can both see that America’s roadways were designed with cars in mind, not pedestrians or cyclists. We’ve known since the early 1950’s that air pollution is linked to cars and transportation—the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States—and can’t help but wonder: what will it take to finally release us from our toxic car-based identity?

As of 2021, electric bikes have been outpacing global EV and hybrid auto sales, and a study by Deloitte estimates that by 2023, there will be roughly 300 million e-bikes around the world. Cars have been beating regular bikes in the war for America’s roads for decades. But with e-bikes on the rise, a less-polluted, less car-centric society may finally be in our future.

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