I Drove Across the Country With My 2 Young Kids — This Is the Road Trip Gear That Kept Us Happiest

On an epic road trip from California to Connecticut with our two kids last August, my husband and I found ourselves totally winging it after a mudslide on I-70 in Colorado wiped out our plans to mountain bike near the town of Carbondale. It wasn’t the first snag we encountered in the past year, during which we made three major road trips in our Ford Transit camper van. But, knowing we had tons of reliable gear on board, my husband and I didn’t need to fret over the unplanned detour. Instead, we huddled over Google Maps with our five-year-old son and 21-month-old daughter to cook up an alternate plan. Soon enough, we were parked at a brewpub in Steamboat Springs, enjoying rounds of Go Fish and Mad Creek Kölsch. Here’s what we pack to cater for the unexpected on any road trip.

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