How to Travel Car-Free With a Family

When I moved to New York and started a car-free travel blog in 2007, I was a recovering Los Angeles transplant, keen to ditch driving and atone for my environmental sins. I hiked the Appalachian Trail off the Metro-North train, surfed via the Queens-bound A subway and biked into the Hudson Valley from the Bronx’s South County Trailway. No car? No problem!

Then I became a mother, breastfeeding on buses and potty training on trains. I’ll admit I felt less like a weekend warrior and more like a pathetic peripatetic parent. However, seeing how much my son loves riding the rails and engaging with different people continues to be more rewarding than any adventure in an automobile.

Here are a few tips, for biking and using public transit, that have helped me avoid the simple mistakes and fuel the fun.

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